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Of Course, You Should Obey Traffic Laws, You Also Shouldn’t Exceed The Posted Speed Limit,

 However, Sometimes Changing Unknown Speed Limits Can Catch You Off Guard, So Having A Good Radar System is Not A Bad Possession If You're Always On The Go.

That Being Said, We Offer A Variety Of Different Options For Those in Need.

With A Basic Radar System, You Will Be Alerted When A Speed Detecting Radar is Found, This Includes

X-Band, K-Band, And Ka-Band. More Advanced Units Will Also Alert You When Laser is Detected As Well. 

For Those Who Prefer To Be Extra Cautious, We Also Offer Laser Diffusers, Which Will Alert You Of A Laser Band, As Well As Give You A Time Frame To Slow Down Before Any Device is Able To Catch Your Speed.

K40 Electronics
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